It is late 23rd December and Willy, one of Santa's little helpers, is cruising through space in his Rudolph3000b space ship. He has just been on Planet Present Land and picked up the last shipment for Earth's Christmas since Santa decided to outsource the production this year.

After hanging up with Santa one of his engines falls off and he is forced to crash land on the closest planet. The spacecraft plummets into the ground as Willy safely lands with his parachute.

The presents are scattered all over the planet and a lot of children will be so sad if they do not get their presents this year. It is now Willy's task to collect all the presents and save Christmas in time!

PS: This game is best to play with a keyboard and mouse.

This game is made as a concept for a school project.

Licenses of assets used:

Jump sound

Downloaded 19.11.2016 CC-o by cabled_mess.

Background music

Downloaded 19.11.2016 CC-0 by fortressking.

Pickup sound

Downloaded 19.11.2016 CC-0 by SamsterBirdies.

Checkpoint sound

Downloaded 19.11.2016 CC-0 by Scrampunk.

Ambient sound

Downloaded 20.11.2016 attribution license by kangaroovindaloo.

Blaster sound

Downloaded 20.11.2016 attribution noncommercial license by tutarap.

Death sound

Downloaded 20.11.2016 CC-0 by qubodup.

Jetpack sound

Downloaded 20.11.2016 cc-0 by pepingrillin.

Main menu music

Downloaded 20.11.2016 cc-0 by mhtaylor67.

Win music

Downloaded 20.11.2016 Attribution License by LittleRobotSoundFactory.

KingThings-christmas font

Downloaded 21.11.2016 Free to use, by Kevin King

Enchanted Land font

Downloaded 21.11.2016 Free to use, by Sharkshock

Xmas TFB

Downloaded 21.11.2016, Free to use, by Kaiserzharkhan

Install instructions

Download and start Christmas Rush.exe


Christmas Rush 16 MB


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